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E-learning is an emerging technology for faster and more efficient knowledge management and transfer.

U&I Learning has been developing interactive e-learning modules since 1995. The technology used has been in constant evolution, especially with the arrival of LMS at the start of 2000 and the emergence of Flash as factual standard for on-line media. U&I Learning implements the following e-learning methods:

Kinds of e-learning

Our e-learning methodology

If the clients so wishes, U&I Learning can produce the e-learning modules using any of their preferred tools, such as Captivate or Lectora.

The basic step remains the same: priority for didactic aspects and the project management. The methodology applied by U&I Learning, crafted through hundreds of hours of contents produced, guarantees an efficient content working without surprises on your infrastructure, and is easy to maintain and localise. Most of the project leaders and Didactic Architects are bilingual, guaranteeing the same quality level for content produced in English.

Multilingual localisation (up to 25 languages) is one of U&I Learning’s specialties, having developed tools that allow experts to translate the modules without the need of mastering the specific e-learning production tools.

E-learning Atelier: Create your own e-learning course

For several years now U&I Learning has been developing its own production tool, the e-learning Atelier, allowing for a total integration of concept and production, as well as creating strong multimedia screens without the need for programming.

online e-learning

Interested in our e-learning solutions?

We’ll be happy to provide you with further information and free quotes on our e-learning services. You can email us, or have us call you back.