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Knowledge Management & Transfer

In today’s information-driven economy, knowledge management and sharing are essential to the continuous process of organisational learning. The main reason for this is that a lot of information within an organisation is tacit, held and used daily by the individuals in the organisation but not shared with the rest.

For this to happen, this information must become explicit and be transferred to the other teams and individuals within the company. With the emergence of new technologies, a whole new world of possibilities had opened up for knowledge management and transfer.

Things like serious games, virtual classrooms, traditional and rapid e-learning allow people to access organisational information and learn from anywhere, anytime. This opens up whole new avenues of opportunity when faced with the challenges of a global workforce, or a constantly renewing staff.

Knowledge management & Transfer with U&I

U&I Learning has been providing top-notch knowledge management and sharing services and solutions since 1997. Our clients are large companies, Non-Profit Organisations and the Government. We offer an array of different possibilities, combining different technologies and solutions:

    Self-study via e-learning course in our LMS
  • e-learning
    • simulations
    • serious gaming
    • rapid e-learning
    • traditional e-learning
    • virtual classroom
  • blended learning (e-learning and classroom)
  • 1-on-1 training in your company
  • Classroom training in your company
  • Information Mapping©

We’re experts at explicitating the tacit knowledge and experience present in your workforce. We get it written down, then translate it into the most fitting form for rapid and effective learning. New people coming in will be able to benefit from years of experience, bundled into mere hours of learning through one streamlined knowledge sharing solution.

Interested in our knowledge management and transfer solutions?

We’ll be happy to provide you further information and free quotes on our Knowledge Management & Transfer services. You can email us, or have us call you back.