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Serious Games

A serious game is a game that serves for more than pure entertainment. The word "serious" indicates the use of cutting-edge entertainment technologies for industries like defense, education, scientific exploration, health care, emergency management, city planning, engineering, religion, and politics.

Initially reserved for military industries because of their higher costs, the Serious Games have been proliferating across all kinds of industries. This was partly made possible by the emergence of rapid production tools such as Thinking Worlds by Caspian Learning or Unity 3D, and by the rapid advances of gaming technology.

Serious Gaming

Serious games are made to help you solve certain problems. Serious games can be entertaining, but their main aim is to train, investigate, or advertise. Sometimes a game will deliberately sacrifice fun and entertainment in order to make a serious point. The category of serious games for training is also known as "game learning".

Our serious gaming projects

U&I Learning has been developing serious games for years. Our products allow adults to turn theory into practice through software that replicates a complex reality. The organisational knowledge is directly transferred into an applicable skill. People can play anytime, anywhere – an amazing advantage when facing a global workforce or a constantly changing staff.

At the moment U&I Learning is developing a research project for the corporate game co-financed by the Ministry for Education and Research. In 2009 and 2010 several other projects were developed: a recording studio simulator for INA and other projects in the retail, government, logistics and hi-tech sector.

Serious Games

Serious Gaming – the U&I approach

Our serious games are more than simulations. They provide an engaging, self-reinforcing context in which players are motivated, educated and trained. U&I Learning invariably emphasises its role as advisor and didactic e-learning specialist. Serious games allow an efficient approach to issues through a well established didactic objective.

serious gaming development

Interested in our serious games solutions?

Serious games are increasingly easy to make using existing technologies, and are incredibly cheap to deploy. Often a DVD or single CD-ROM suffices. We’ll be happy to provide you further information and free quotes on our serious games. You can email us, or have us call you back.