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Educational games for adults

Educational games for adults, or edugames, are very powerful tools for organisational learning. They allow knowledge and experience to be passed on in a playful and effective way. No matter what the subject is, edugames for adults can make the learning process easy and swift.

Through these educational games, adults can turn theory into practice through software simulations that replicate a complex reality in which different factors need to be taken into account. Knowledge is transferred into an applicable skill. People can play anywhere, anytime, which is an amazing advantage when facing a global workforce or a constantly changing staff.

Edugames by U&I Learning

U&I Learning has been providing top-notch learning solutions since 1997. Edugames for adults have been available to companies for 2 years now, made possible by the emergence of rapid production tools such as Thinking Worlds by Caspian Learning or Unity 3D.

At the moment U&I Learning is developing a research project for the corporate game co-financed by the Ministry for Education and Research. In 2009 and 2010 several other projects were developed: a recording studio simulator for INA and other projects in the retail, government, logistics and hi-tech sector.

edugames for adults

Educational Gaming – our approach

U&I Learning, developer of Educational Games for Adults, invariably emphasises its role as advisor and didactic expert. The EduGames allow an efficient approach to issues through a well established didactic objective and not giving in to fashion and trends.

We make the tacit knowledge and experience of your workforce explicit, and translate it into the most fitting edugame for fun and fast learning. New people coming in will be able to benefit from years of experience, bundled into mere hours of learning through one streamlined knowledge sharing and/or skill transferral games.

Interested in our edugame solutions?

We’ll be happy to provide you further information and free quotes on our educational games for adults. You can email us, or have us call you back.