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Virtual Classroom

The virtual classroom is a great way to support your e-learning solutions. Easy to set up and closely related to the presentation trainer, it gives you the economic advantages of e-learning (no travel costs) without having to develop modules.

Pupils from all over the world can join the live virtual classroom and communicate one-on-one, or watch the recording afterwards. That makes it easier to organise, and make use of diverse media to enhance the learning experience.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classrooms the U&I way

U&I Learning uses and commercialises the solution Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, and accompanies its clients for the technical aspects (implementing the solution) as well as functional aspects (train the trainer, good practices, coaching).

Adobe Connect Suite allows authors to develop and distribute e-learning quickly and without needing a technical background. Its user friendly and comes with tons of features that can offer you the following Virtual Classroom solutions:

Adobe Presenter is a plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint. That means you can develop e-learning modules without technical knowledge. Just add your slides, add your content and use the enhanced functionality of the plugin to enrich your presentation to an e-learning module: add Flash animations, voice-overs, video, quizzes and export to SCORM.

  • Adobe Connect Meeting is a live virtual classroom which enables instructors and students to join a classroom environment over the Internet where presentations, documents, discussions, screens, can be shared.

  • Adobe Connect Training is the ideal learning system for managing e-learning and virtual classrooms in one online environment.

The actual implementation of virtual classrooms relies on a set of common sense rules: short sessions (never longer than 50 minutes), detailed preparation of sessions and guidance for trainers during their first sessions. Recording functions allow rapid construction of asynchronous module catalogues by session recording.

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