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UNI-Learning Eindhoven

Torenallee 20 
NL-5617 BC Eindhoven
The Netherlands


Strijp-S is the beating creative heart in Eindhoven where you work in a vivid and innovative environment. An inspiring relic of the past where new initiatives and developments are created everyday. A living lab on the font of technology, innovation, sustainability, creativity and design. A place where UNI-Learning belongs.

You can find us on the 4th floor of the VIDEOLAB at the Torenallee 20 in Eindhoven, a former developmentlab used by Philips and the genesis of the first DVD- and Blu-ray players.

The forbidden city of Philips

Strijp-S was founded in 1916, when entrepeneur Anton Philips built a lightbulb factory. And thus, Strijp-S became a beacon of light for Eindhoven. To many, Strijp-S was known as the forbidden city. The site was not open to public, only tot he thousand of workers in employment. As Philips flourished, so flourished the area. Strijp-S gradually became known for its innovation and production. Philips creates and maintains their own production lines. From radios to televisions and from radar to lightbulbs; Strijp-S is a monumental ground that nurtures the ideas of tomorrow, created today.

By car

Plan your route via Google Maps

  1. Navigate to Torenallee 20 5617 BC Eindhoven.
  2. Park on one of the parking areas. Check the smart map to see where there is a parking spot.
  3. Check in at the reception.
  4. Take the elevator to the 4th floor and follow the signs.

By public transport

Plan your journey via 9292.nl

  1. Travel by train to Station…
    Eindhoven Strijp‑S
     – From here it’s a short walk to Torenallee 20.
    Or Eindhoven Central – Take bus 401, 402 or 403 and get out at ‘Glaspoort’. Cross the street. You’re now in front off VIDEOLAB.
  2. Check in at the reception of VIDEOLAB.
  3. Take the elevator to the 4th floor and follow the signs.

Download the route description in pdf here.