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To ensure fast and easy content creation, FLOWSPARKS®  uses unique, cutting-edge templates, developed by UNI-Learning. These templates embody pedagogical concepts that have proven their success.

We call these concepts: Learning Formats. Tried and true recipes for powerful online learning experiences, guaranteeing knowledge transfer in their own unique way.

Go easy on yourself:

  • One, determine the training needs.
  • Two, choose the format.
  • Three, complete the format with content expertise.

In just a short time, you create powerful online learning experiences.

Learning Formats reduce the technical, graphical and didactical complexity of building e-Learning, really putting your content in the spotlight and enabling anyone in your company to participate in building this content.

Discover some of our Learning Formats:

Learning by knowledge drill. How to make it stick?

Context-driven learning
From challenge to knowhow.

Action-oriented learning
Will you intervene?

Discover all the inspiring and activating formats of FLOWSPARKS®.

FLOWSPARKS® allows you to easily create powerful e-Learning that sparks your peoples interest

  • Build on motivation
    Learning Formats activate and inspire.
  • Easy content creation
    Integrated authoring possibilities allowing you to create efficient Learning Formats with the greatest ease.
  • Micro-learning
    Build to provide content into manageable bite-sized portions.
  • Widget-based
    Select which features are useful for your organisation.
  • User-friendly
    Mobile-first is a principle we hold in high regard.
  • Multilingual
    Provide your content in any language.