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FLOWSPARKS® is a flexible learning environment. Whether you’re at the early stages of e-Learning development or you have years of experience, with FLOWSPARKS® you have an innovative and powerful tool which offers you a big range of possibilities. The authoring functionalities allow everyone in your company to create, change and distribute e-Learning due to our unique Learning Formats & Templates. These e-Learnings integrate seamlessly with other learning platforms or you can kickstart using the LMS functionalities of FLOWSPARKS®.
FLOWSPARKS® fuels a dynamic way of creating online learning experiences which in turn sparks employees’ interest. And the best thing? It’s as easy as one, two, three!

 Add your subject matter expertise in FLOWSPARKS®

Transform it into sound didactical learning experiences

Share it and watch your people become experts

You provide the knowledge and FLOWSPARKS® brings it to life! That’s the power of our innovative tool!

satisfied organizations

enthusiastic participants

countries worldwide

What else makes our flexible learning platform spark:

  • Easy and fast creation and maintenance of online learning content.
  • Pre-defined instructional and didactical design – our Learning Formats.
  • Engaging, attractive and intuitive e-Learning.
  • No-nonsense content distribution and user management.
  • Flexible integration with other Learning Platforms.
  • Full responsive with a unique design for every device.


Easy to use
Intuitive and responsive design for both content creators and users to ensure the best user experience on every device.

Technology Savvy
A future-proof online learning platform, always adapting to and improving on security and big data matters.

Energy efficient – fast
Save time when creating online content or make new employees operational in no time.

User generated content
Employees become both contributor and participant in the knowledge exchange process.

Personalise FLOWSPARKS®
Customise our flexible tool to your organisational needs.

What sets FLOWSPARKS® apart?

  • Firefighters updating a digital course as Subject Matter Experts?
    With the help of FLOWSPARKS®’ intuitive interface the right people are able to adjust or add information to any digital course.
  • Engage future employees by using our platform to set up a digital pre-boarding course which embodies the company’s branding and culture.
  • Compulsory legal trainings such as “Code of Conduct” are set up and modified in an instant, so it’s always up-to-date and in compliance with the legal requirements.
  • Distribute new product information within an international organisation smoothly and effortlessly so your sales teams are ready to hit the road.
  • Extend your existing classrooms trainings with FLOWSPARKS®’ micro-learning approach for a perfect blend between digital possibilities and the personal approach of a trainer.

The dynamics of FLOWSPARKS®

The most important engine of FLOWSPARKS® is its continuous inhouse development. A close involvement with the customers is inherent in the DNA of FLOWSPARKS®. A dialogue is created with all customers, to ascertain users’ needs, client requests and trends. We identify the challenges in the business through ‘the FLOWSPARKS® community’, workshops, FLOWSPARKS® Events and one on one conversations. In this way FLOWSPARKS® adapts quickly to changes and challenges to guarantee a continuously evolving learning environment that’s always ahead.

FLOWSPARKS® works with Learning Formats and Templates.

Unlike other templates which only change the layout and structure, a FLOWSPARKS® Learning Format or Template forms a complete e-Learning and guarantees an effective and attractive result. That’s the key to fast e-Learning production.

Custom formats, Consultancy and e-Learning Services

Do you have a company specific request, the people of UNI-Learning can customize formats or templates to your needs. Or even build a tailor-made template from scratch. With our inhouse UNI-Learning experts and specialists, you have a consultancy and production team at your disposal.