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We are UNI‑Learning

It’s a pleasure to meet you!

Work with sharp minds

Meet the ingenious people of UNI-Learning. You will be amazed by our creative band of enquirers, lesson builders, tool makers, data specialists, designers and app developers.

With the custom e-Learning content, consultancy and learning technology of UNI‑Learning we strive towards an even better performance of your organisation.

Experience the comfort of excellent tools

The custom content we make is optimised with powerful tools so learning moments become a user-friendly and intuitive experience.

The UNI‑Learning tools not only stimulate the user, they also register the user’s ‘actions and learning’. These technologies have no boundaries: you can create lessons yourself, develop courses, track personal data and monitor online learning process.

Bring it to life with great lessons

Conciously able? Or even unconciously able? Then the great lessons have done their job. We create them. Sometimes we envision something new, other times we work from proven tools. Sometimes we end up somewhere in between since we like to experiment.

At any rate, we focus on every learning step and strive to create learning moments that have impact.

Making you and your coworkers feel comfortable. That’s our job. How? By triggering your knowledge and skills in an effective way. So you will be able to use your mind in a more active matter, perform tasks more smartly and develop talents that strengthen the organisation.

How do we assist you? Through various didactic tools. We contemplate thorough questions (you think about the answers). We are experienced in creating tailormade exercises that provide instant results. We deliver information in an attractive way: our craftsmen transpire to inspire you. We will take all steps necessary to provide you with clear instruction. We help businesses, as well as people grow and expand their limits.

Join our team!

We are always looking for talented people with great ideas on learning & technology.

Want to build great lessons?

Invite some sharp minds to the table.