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Uncovered: HEC partnership with Blackboard Learn

Oct 12, 2016 | case studies, Parijs, Paris

Schools and higher education institutions face tough decisions when selecting their digital learning platform. HEC found another way: partnering with Blackboard Learn to suit its various training needs.

Coping with evolving learning needs

Learning needs have evolved over the years from a top-down process to more collaborative learning experiences. Inevitably, issues emerged. LMS tools were not tailor-made for higher education, for instance for assessing students with a blended-learning approach. Meanwhile, these platforms represented huge investments before the SaaS mode emerged.

Towards new business models and customers’ expectations

Luckily, various solutions with their pros and cons appeared. Open source technologies, such as Moodle, challenged the existing platforms thanks to their more cost-effective approach. In turn, Moodle was challenged by other private platforms and new innovative learning formats (e.g.MOOC, collaborative and social learning, etc.).

Why Blackboard Learn is the real deal for HEC

In the full article, you will get why the Blackboard Learn solution suited the needs of HEC and how the platform switch will occur in the following months towards a full Blackboard implementation in 2017.

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HEC is part of many other happy customers who enjoy our learning solutions daily. Whether you need to set up a learning platform or develop e-Learning content, or if you need any advice on how your training plans should be operated, UNI-Learning teams have acquired loads of experience over the years to provide you with the best solutions out there!

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