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Onboarding new employees in the company, is a well-known procedure in HR departments. A great start is not only pleasant for the newcomer, but also interesting for the employer. In the earlier days the new hire orientation was a longer and more time consuming investment. Todays’ new technologies give us the opportunity to optimise this process.  In this post we want to give 4 trends in HR onboarding that are worth thinking about before you get started with an onboarding program.

Trend#1 – Effectiveness and efficiency

Current trends in onboarding strive for effectiveness and efficiency by using blended learning solutions that bring together web-based training, documents, face-to-face interaction and team-based activities. Employers have learned to focus on what can be of immediate value to the business and also prioritise what info is needed first for a new hire to get up to speed as soon as possible. This information is best split up in small chunks and distributed through micro learning. Onboarding should not be limited to a short period of time, but should lead to continuous learning. It is important to teach new employees where and how they can find new knowledge, how they can build up skills, how they can communicate and work together with others, etc.

Trend#2 – Data and reports for better HR insights

Online learning platforms make it easier to provide digital learning modules for onboarding. They also make it possible to track the progress and performance of new hires through reporting. Both quantitative and qualitative data become available and can be compared to engagement levels. This insight can help employers to improve and customise the content that they offer to their new employees. This aspect isn’t limited to early onboarding stages, but can be continued to better understand the skills and performances of starters within the company.

Trend#3 – Flexibility and appreciation with responsive design

When you provide digital onboarding content, for instance in the shape of micro learning, make sure it is mobile and runs on as many devices as possible. This will enable new hires to access the content from anywhere they like and that doesn’t necessarily have to be the working space. It will also provide flexibility for scheduling the training, something which will be much appreciated by the new employee.

Trend#4 – Personalisation

Another trend is the personalisation of onboarding. A first step is making sure that only relevant, accurate and up-to-date information is passed on to the new hire. Try to provide a welcome that is clearly aimed at persons and their position within the company. An important task for the employer is making sure that tasks and expectations are clear from day one. An employer can take this even a step further and discuss the new employee’s ambitions and career opportunities early on. This kind of personalisation works on different levels. It increases productivity and creates a positive feeling. And on this positive note we conclude this blog post.


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