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Onboarding course for new employees


AGO (Agentschap voor Overheidspersoneel), an institution of the Flemish government, is offering products and services covering several HR & organisational topics.

The question

AgO requested an interactive onboarding e-Learning course for newcomers.

Our approach & solution

We developed an e-Learning based on the principles of constructivism where new knowledge is added to prior knowledge. Through cases and problem-solving the newcomers get a very practical training. On top of that we used ‘storytelling’, using a story as a guideline in the module. Finally we applied ‘gamification’ elements to keep the newcomers motivated throughout the module.

The end result

The resulting e-Learning course was attractive and relevant for all users taking into account different levels of knowledge and the different roles and functions of the newcomers. The highly interactive module was considered to be innovative, efficient and flexible. Users could easily find back information and obtain more profound knowledge if necessary.   

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