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Sales Training


GrandVision is a leader in optical retail. The company is committed to deliver superior, high-quality and affordable optical care worldwide.

The question

Convert five modules on GrandVision’s sales process in another authoring tool to add interactivity and enhance the learning experience.

We appreciated the UNI-Learning team's availability and their ability to listen to their clients and to adapt to company constraints (deadlines, changes, etc.).

Our approach & solution

The instructional design is based on case studies and the use of a realistic setting. The use of illustrated characters and various activities also adds fun and gamification to the learning modules.

The result is a 5-module training path where the learner follows Maxime, a GrandVision salesman, during each phase of the customer journey. The realistic graphics immerse the learner in a case study where each action needs to be well-considered in advance to ensure client satisfaction. Learners can easily test themselves thanks to detailed feedback they receive throughout the case study. 

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