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Safety Challenge

Janssen Pharmaceutica

Janssen Pharmaceutica is a pharmaceutical company that employs more than 30.000 people. Their mission is to transform individual lives and fundamentally change the way diseases are managed, interpreted, and prevented.

Janssen Pharmaceutica is part of the Johnson & Johnson Group.

The question

Janssen Pharmaceutica wanted to train new employees, temporary staff and contractors in the basic safety rules that apply to their factories in Beerse and Geel.

Our approach and solution

Knowing the safety rules of the company you are working for can save your life and the lives of your co-workers. We wanted to offer people the opportunity to practice these safety rules in an environment where they can make mistakes without disastrous consequences.

The e-Learning challenges participants to react correctly to realistic cases. If participants are in need of extra guidance, they can always consult a digital safety booklet. After having followed the training, the participants receive a paper copy of this safety booklet, allowing them to reread the safety rules whenever necessary.

Want to learn more about this project?

Please contact:

Cédric Herregodts

Sales & Marketing Manager Belgium