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Safety Charger

La Lorraine Bakery Group

La Lorraine Bakery Group (LLBG) NV is a 100% Belgian family holding active in the milling and bakery business. It is the largest industrial bakery in Belgium with production facilities in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey and evidently in Belgium. The delicacies of LLBG are exported to more than 25 countries.

The question

La Lorraine Bakery Group NV wanted to train all its employees and its temping force in the 10 golden safety rules and to test their knowledge of these rules. Since we are talking about no less than 3.400 employees in five different countries LLBG opted for an e‑Learning to bridge the distance and language barrier.

This module was our first acquaintance with e‑Learning. And it was a direct hit! In a very short time we reached a large group of employees. They acquired our safety rules in a swift and pleasant way, thanks to the user-friendly design of the training. The result: safety awareness at La Lorraine has received an enormous boost.

Frank Meire - Group Safety, Health and Environmental Manager - La Lorraine Bakery Group NV

Our approach & solution

To lower the treshold, UNILearning, in concertation with the bakery group chose a module without written or spoken words, better known as the SAFETYCHARGER. In this module the ten golden safety rules of La Lorraine Bakery Group NV are brought primarily by drawings instead of by text. This approach makes the subject matter much more accessible to all users. The training was rolled out in thirteen factories in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey and Belgium. The employees of those sites can follow the e-Learning through the Safety Platform, where they can quickly and easily self-register in their own language (Dutch, French, English, Czech, Polish or Turkish).

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