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e-Coach VDU work


Mensura is an external service for prevention, safety and health. Their clients are businesses in all sorts of industries. One of their services includes training on ergonomics, chair settings and workstation design.

The question

Mensura wanted an e‑Learning course on ergonomics, chair settings and workstation design that would allow end-users to assess their own situation and provide custom feedback.

Our approach & solution

UNI-Learning designed an e‑Learning course that end-users can follow at their workstation while making adjustments to it. The output of the course needed to be specific for the end user’s situation.

The end result


The result is an online course that lets the end-user assess their current working situation step by step and gives feedback on each step. At the end of the course, the end-user can download a pdf file that contains specific actions for the end-user’s specific situation on ergonomics, chair settings and workstation design. The user follows the course while sitting at their desk, allowing for immediate interaction and adjustments. UNI‑Learning also provided communications material for promoting the tool with Mensura’s clients.


Do you want to learn more about this project?

Please feel free to contact:

Cédric Herregodts

Sales & Marketing Manager Belgium