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A spark,

something that sets off a sudden force,

something that activates or stimulates.

At UNI-Learning, we spark your imagination. We create engaging content that activates people and electrifies your target audience. With a passion for great design, cutting edge tools and a proven track record, you’ll be amazed by our creative approach and result driven focus.

People of UNI-Learning – an energetic force

If you can imagine it, we can build it. The talented people of UNI, unified across two countries, are at the very core of our business. Just like a dynamo, they build up electricity and nurture it until it’s ready to do what it’s meant to do, create a spark. Learning architects, graphical designers, software engineers, editors, project managers and many more. Work together on a common goal and bring light to your organisation.

Charging up your organisation

Together, we create flow: Flexible Learning in an Online World. Let us help you to achieve your goals and transform your organisation through the power of knowledge sharing.

Great lessons, where you can rely on our experts to power up your content. Designing from scratch or following a proven recipe.

Excellent tools, that allow you to create your own sparkling learning experiences with the help of FLOWSPARKS®.

And sharp minds. Because sometimes you just need some guidance and support. Our consultants will help you to realign the current.

The parts of our energetic force


Our Pedagogical Experts are the power source of our organisation. They send out a constant stream of guidance and support to the graphic designers, learning architects and IT developers. Really bringing your content to life.


Transforming existing, raw material into usable energy. Our team of developers / learning architects put everything into place so that your content can reach the desired output.

Wind mills

Putting a spotlight on the product, are our Graphical Designers. Continuously reinventing the way we can create ‘flow’ and keep track on the latest trends

Power monitoring & fuse

Our expert Project Managers make sure that quality and timing are continuously monitored and respected.


Our IT Developers produce the most amazing tools. Generating the support that’s needed to build great lessons.

Electrical wire

Communication is key in every project. Our Consultants and Account Managers serve as conductors of your training needs. Distributing the spark towards it’s intended destination.

Nikola Tesla

The visionaries of UNI-Learning, are the people that transform the way we do things. Reshaping existing techniques and methodology to accelerate the sharing of knowledge. These people can be found throughout our organisation. The creative thinkers and entrepreneurs that formed our company.

We’re already electrifying customers such as:

If you are looking for a flexible learning platform to create and/or distribute e-Learning, we advise you to check: