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Content & consultancy

From a microlesson to an Active Learning Programme.

Together we have an impact on…


Implement effective and thorough safety reminders. Together for safe working environments. Read more

Application Training

Easy step-by-step training to learn your way around in a new software application.


Coming on board a new company is exciting. You want to get into the flow as soon as possible.

Compliance & Culture

Launching a new code of conduct? Reboost employee hospitality? Or train new soft skills?

Product Introduction

Get everyone in your company up-to-date on new products and/or services.

… and more custom e‑Learning

Couldn’t find what you were looking for? We do much more than this. Our sky has no limit!

Create effective lessons with our Learning Formats

A recipe to get the most out of a learning method.

Context-driven learning

A story with practical dilemmas


Top-down learning

Explaining the why, what and how


Training first impressions

Quick assessment of situations


Knowledge Capturing



Our documentalists are motivated experts specialised in analysing and structuring the complex knowledge within your company.  

Technical Writing

Our multilingual team of technical writers makes sure the technical content of your documents is cristal clear, readable and accessible for the target group.

3D Applications

Struggling with complex machinery?

A 3D application can be the perfect tool for new employees to get to know the machinery in a company or to reduce downtime of machines.

Learning Consultancy

Strategic learning consultancy

Not sure where you want to go with your training department? What is most efficient for your company? Our experts analyse your company situation and will consult you on the training options you can deploy in your company.

Blended learning consultancy

Classroom training and e-Learning combined with a complete project culture. Our learning architects will design the best suitable blend of learning tailored to your company.


Learning platform consultancy

Which platform is suitable for me? Together with you we analyse what data you need, what feedback you require from the platform and how you want to reach your learners.

How can we help you?

We’re always excited to solve your learning challenges. Just let us know.