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training first impressions

recognise, assess, choose
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For THE organisatiON

Amplify confidence

Quick assessment of situations:

  • Renders static information relevant and meaningful
  • Raises and maintains the level of know-how within the organisation
  • Keeps employees sharp


Amplify decisiveness

Quick assessment of situations:

  • Challenges you to ‘quickly’ apply your knowledge
  • Translates theory into practice
  • Provides a better understanding
  • Gives direct feedback
  • Keeps you alert


The learning format ONTHESPOT keeps you alert. It challenges you to quickly assess a situation. You make the choice: ‘Is this OK or not?

ONTHESPOT starts with the rules of play followed by different practical situations. For each situation you are presented with the same question: ‘Is this compliant?’ You make a quick assessment, before the time is up. After each situation you receive feedback on your choice.

The format is always comprised of the following 3 steps:

  1. Recognise the situation!
  2. Assess the situation and choose the right option!
  3. Was my decision the right one?

The format concludes with an overview of all the advisable and non-advisable practical situations.

ONTHESPOT renders the infamous ‘whoppers’ digestible. Texts of law, safety protocols, HACCP protocols are translated into practice with images that are familiar, meaningful and relevant.

An example of ONTHESPOT

Training first impressions is easily achievable with a powerful Learning Format such as ONTHESPOT. Curious about other learning formats that can be deployed for successful learning? Discover the inspiring and activating formats of UNI‑Learning.

Top-down learning

Explaining the why, what and how


Learning by knowledge drill

Flashcards with knowledge questions


Context-driven learning

A story with practical dilemmas


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