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Blended Training


When classroom training or e‑Learning alone are not sufficient, UNI‑Learning can offer you blended training solutions. 

Although ICT tools and platforms are widespread in today’s working environment, many employees like to fall back on face-to-face support when it comes to processing new information. Blended training, or hybrid training as it is sometimes called, offers the best of both worlds. It combines traditional, classroom training with a variety of learning tools (online and offline), tailored to the needs of our client. 

Face-to-face and online learning activities can be combined in numerous ways. Often the theoretical material will be offered in an online course while practicing skills will happen in the classroom. The ideal combination will be determined by the intended learning objectives, the learning content, the needs of the trainee, the technical capabilities and the budget.



Some major advantages

  • Process information at your own pace
  • Alter individual training with team learning
  • Possibilities to interact with specialists and colleagues
  • Trainer can adapt the content of the classical training to the results of the online learning
  • Trainer can intervene early when the learning process does not meet the objectives
  • Cost-efficient solution for large volumes of learning content

For Aleris, UNI‑Learning developed a Virtual Machine that is used as a supporting tool for classroom training. Since the tool does not give any feedback or has no predefined scenario’s the tutor can use the tool to simulate an infinite amount of exercises and simulations. This way they stimulate, activate and involve the students in the classroom by letting them participate in the correct procedure.

"The simulation is not as detailed as a real excavation, but it gives a good feel about the logic and way of thinking that needs to be followed during excavations. The scenarios contain unforeseen situations that you encounter in real life too. Everyone can learn something from it."

Michiel Engelen, Site Coordinator, Fluxys

For Fluxys, UNI‑Learning developed an excavation module that is used as a supporting tool for classroom training. During these trainings, users work in small groups to practice different excavation methods in different situations. These situations are custom made to match real-life situations.

All actions are recorded, which makes it possible for the trainer to project every groups’ solution, so that users can discuss each other’s work. 

Want to learn more about the possibilities of Blended Training?

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