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Lessons Learned


Incidents can have a big impact on a company. What if you can use the past to create a better future? The story of a colleague that gets hurt or barely escapes death often creates more awareness than a long (and boring) safety training. Safety rules and -procedures become very real when there is a clear connection between cause and effect.

Lessons Learned:

  • Based on true events
  • What went wrong?
  • What were the consequences?
  • What were the root causes?
  • How it should be done?
  • How would you do it?

Lessons Learned can be reinforced with testimonials. A testimonial does not only increase the learning effect, but it also adds a human and emotional touch to an incident.

Lessons Learned also aims to empower users to take their responsibility in maintaining a safe workplace.


Learn from the past

  • Clear link between cause and effect
  • Learn from true events
  • Approach the case from different perspectives
  • What went wrong and how should it be done?

For THE organisatiON

Increased awareness

  • Safer workplace
  • Individual responsibility
  • Track the learners’ progress
  • Easily distributed using the Safety Platform

Thanks to this very interactive learning tool we created more sticking power within our personell.

Ronald Blok (Safety & Operational Risk Entity Director, BP)


UNI‑Learning has a vast experience in Lessons Learned. Want to see how ArcelorMittal Gent uses e‑Learning for Lessons Learned? Why not have a look at this case:


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