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Refresher Training


Knowledge and awareness fade with time. Most trainings require refreshments that not only ensure knowledge is updated and remains current, but also raise awareness and are key to help maintain a safety culture.

Organising Refresher Training, requires a lot of effort from the organisation in terms of planning, coordination, follow-up, etc. This is where e‑Learning kicks in. By using short and efficient methods, the individual time to complete a course depends on the knowledge level of each user. Thus keeping the focus on the information that needs refreshing the most.


Targeted knowledge update

  • More motivating than classroom training
  • Less time-consuming
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Get home safely

For THE organisatiON

Increased knowledge level

  • More time-efficient
  • Increase awareness
  • Meeting regulatory obligations
  • Create a safe workplace


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UNI‑Learning has vast experience in Refresher Training. Want to see how other companies use e‑Learning for Refresher Training? Contact us for a demo or have a look at this case.

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