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Safety Inductions


Our Safety Inductions are an ideal way to transfer safety rules and regulations in the languages of your choice. The didactical experts at UNI‑Learning use a variety of techniques to optimise the knowledge transfer to the target audience. 

Imagine you have a Safety Induction that can be used on multiple sites and for different target audiences (employees, contractors, drivers, temps, visitors, etc.) without losing track of specific rules that apply such as emergency number, PPE’s, etc.  

A uniform approach that is easy to update and expand, with the added benefits of being more time and cost-efficient than classroom training.

Depending on your needs, different types of Safety Inductions are possible. This varies from simple videos to language-independent interactive modules, which can be distributed and traced using the Safety Platform.


A Video Induction filmed on location including professional actors and a narrator, followed by a short test. Clean and simple.


An automated Powerpoint enriched with media such as: images, video, voice-over and animations. Followed by a short test.

Interactive Modules

An e‑Learning module filled with interactions, exercises and a strong focus on the activation of the user. Understand and apply.

Safety Challenge

Tackle a series of challenges based on recognisable practical cases without causing incidents. A UNI‑Learning specialty.
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Safety Charger

Complete a series of practical cases without the use of written or spoken words. One solution for all languages. Another UNI‑Learning specialty.
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A special request tailored to your needs? No problem. Your request is our command.


A quick and efficient Safety Induction with practical situations.

Our specialty solutions

UNI‑Learning has a vast experience in creating safety solutions for numerous companies.  With our SAFETYCHARGER and SAFETYCHALLENGE language barriers can easily be overcome and training can be organised more efficiently including the possibility for certification.


A Safety Induction without words that uses practical cases.

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