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Imagine you want to distribute a Safety Introduction or a refresher training to blue colour workers, contractors, temps, etc. How would you manage the creation and distribution of the numerous accounts, knowing that in most cases your target audience doesn’t have a corporate e‑mail address?

When using a traditional LMS (Learning Management System) an account is needed for every individual. This requires the creation and distribution of a personal login and password in order to access the training. Think of the huge overhead in terms of administration and support this can create in your organisation.

What if it could be easier?

Just choose your language, enter your information and access the training. Upon completion the administrator can monitor and/or export the results of the users.



No-nonsense platform

  • Easy access from everywhere
  • No login and password required
  • Monitor results and generate certificates
  • No administrative burden
  • Practice upfront
  • Can be linked to other systems

UNI‑Learning’s Safety Platform is a cloud-based standalone application that is available 24/7. The user-friendly interface doesn’t allow for interpretation errors and is available on multiple devices (pc, tablets, smartphones, etc.). Administrators can easily access the back-office using a login and password to consult and/or export the results of the users.

UNI‑Learning has a lot of clients that are using the Safety Platform.

Want to see how other companies use the platform for e‑Learning? Contact us for a demo!

Check out here how Gunvor is using the UNI‑Learning Safety Platform.

Want to know more about the UNI-Learning Safety Platform?

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