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Safety Platform & Safety Challenge

Gunvor Petrol Antwerp

Gunvor Petrol Antwerp is situated in the north of the Port of Antwerp. Because of the refinery’s large storage capacity and the flexibility of its installations, Gunvor is capable of handling a wide range of both intermediate and finished products including LPG, naphtha, gasoline, heating oil, VGO and bunker grades.

The question

In connection with the shutdown in 2016, Gunvor Petroleum Antwerp was looking for an efficient way to organise its Safety Induction. The main challenges concerned the huge number of people that needed to be trained and tested, and the many different nationalities (and languages) of the contractors. 

Our approach & solution

UNI-Learning proposed to use the Safety Platform to make the Safety Induction easily accessible. The Safety Induction itself consists of a Safety Challenge, available in 11 languages, that is tailored to the risks and rules that apply at Gunvor Petrol Antwerp during the shutdown. 

The contractors were able to train in advance, using a public link to a ‘Safety Platform for Training’. The Safety Introduction still needed to be completed at the site of Gunvor Petroleum Antwerp, but if the contractor had practised beforehand, he was able to complete the Safety Introduction quicker.

“The Safety Challenge of UNI-Learning was very well received, both by us and the contractors. The interactive approach does not only augment the contractor’s user experience, but it is also a very efficient way to learn the safety rules. The user-friendly registration and tracking via the UNI-Learning Safety Platform have resulted in a straightforward implementation and easy monitoring.”

Luk Van Berendonck - Contractor Safety Manager - Gunvor Petrol Antwerp

The end result

With this approach, Gunvor Petrol Antwerp was able to train and test more than 3.000 contractors during the shutdown.

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