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Workshop Get in the Flow – Create Great Lessons – Eindhoven

May 10, 2017 | Eindhoven, past events

In conjunction with a number of customers UNI-Learning has developed FLOWSPARKS, a unique, flexible learning system that allows the creation and distribution of goal-oriented e-Learning. E-Learning created in FLOWSPARKS can run on any device and is based on cleverly automated learning formats. This ensures that you, as a developer, can concentrate on contents and didactics without having to worry too much about the technicality.

WORKSHOP ‘Get in the Flow’

A learning format is a fixed combination of formats that helps a course member practice, train, learn and discover online in a goal-driven and comfortable way. A format can be used to answer challenges in different industry branches. All our learning formats have to-the-point didactics and a goal-oriented application. Many of these learning formats have been automated in our flexible learning system FLOWSPARKS. This guarantees that training can be developed easily and fast.

We kindly invite you to participate in the workshop ‘Get in the FLOW: Create Great Lessons’.

Are you curious about FLOWSPARKS?
Do you wonder about the strength of our learning formats?
Do you want to experience how format-driven development works?
Would you like to practice and build your own e-Learning course?

Sign up now for this free workshop! We have reserved two dates.

In these workshops you will experience one of the three following learning formats: FLASHCARDS, STORYWISE or ONTHESPOT

Extra! After participating in the workshop you can use the result of your efforts for free during one month!

Further information on the workshop ‘Get in the FLOW (in Dutch!)

When: Monday 27th or Wednesday 29th March, from 10h00 till 13h30.

Where: Offices of UNI-Learning Eindhoven, Torenallee 20, Videolab building.

Registration: Sign up before March 24th.

Registration workshop 'Get in the Flow'

Please register via e-mail.

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